The University of Passau

Germany´s Most Beautiful Campus Awaits You

According to a survey by the national students` magazine UNICUM, the Universität Passau is the most beautiful campus in Germany. This comes as no surprise, when you take into account its location, on the bank of the Inn river, just next to the lovely old town centre.


However, it is not just the location, but the modern campus itself which attracts the 9,000 students from all over the world. First founded in 1978, the Universität Passau is equipped with the latest technologies.


Especially well-known for its international program, the Universität Passau provides about 35 courses of study, of which most are set with an international focus, e.g. Communication and Media, Cultural Sciences, International Cultural and Business Studies, Economics, Computer Sciences and Information Technology, and Law. Besides, the wide range of language courses, which are also subject-orientated, is unique in Germany, as you can find amongst them Chinese and Indonesian as well as Russian, Polish and French.

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