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Acquire particular knowledge in the following Workshops (Errors, omissions and changes excepted):


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  • Open Space Workshop on project-management
  • Social Business and the role of media / My project and the press
  • CSR: Social Entrepreneurship between demand and reality. Difficulties and challenges in practical experience
  • Social Entrepreneurship: What is the difference from Social Business? How can I become a Social Entrepreneur?
  • Let’s get specific: What types of Social Businesses exist and how do they manage to succeed?
  • Development cooperation in Europe: One coherent development cooperation or coordination of national politics?
  • Microfinance within the scope of Social Business: A way to break the spiral of poverty emerging from the shadow of development cooperation?
  • Development cooperation – not only in Africa! Development cooperation in Europe in the light of an example.
  • “Stop development cooperation, stop giving aid to Africa!” A close look at the demands of the Kenyan James Shikwat.

In the workshops, which are offered at this convention, you will learn how to develop a Social Business idea and how to implement it. These sessions will be led by experts who run a Social Business themselves or who are involved in the field in another way. The workshops will give you profound knowledge and provide you with some ideas and methods so that you can start working on your own. In your project group you will decide together who is going to take part in which of the workshops. Later you will share your knowledge with the rest of your group, and in this way your group will acquire all the expertise needed.

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