Experts’ Lectures

The Experts’ Lectures are open to public!


You will all come together during the experts’ lectures. Speakers will share their idea and opinion of Social Business. These lectures will provide broader knowledge concerning our topic and will give you an impulse for discussions.

Lecture 1: What is Social Business?

Rebecca Szrama, independent Social Business Consultant

Thursday, 10:45am – 11:45am

Nikolakloster 403

In this lecture you will get a first insight into the world of Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship and get to know the two concepts and their basic ideas. What is the difference between the two? How did they develop and what is their role today? What are possible fields of action? You will find out more about this in this lecture.

Lecture 2: Introduction into Microfinance

Patrik Sapy, General Manager of MicroStart

Thursday, 05:45pm – 06:30pm

Nikolakloster 403

This lecture will introduce you to the field of microfinance. Patrick Sapy will explain to you what microfinance means and what kinds of concepts exist. He will demonstrate how microfinance actually works by giving examples of his practical work life at MicroStart. MicroStart is a microcredit pilot project, launched by Adie, BNP Paribas Fortis, the European Commission and the European Investment Fund. It is based in the Bruxelles neighbourhoods most affected by unemployment and offers microcredits and business support to people who wants to create or develop a small business and do not have access to traditional banking solutions.

Lecture 3: Social Business – The Social Business Movement

Grameen Creative Lab

Friday, 09:15am – 10:00am

Nikolakloster 403

In this lecture you can learn more about the work of the Grameen Creative Lab in Wiesbaden, a Joint Venture between the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh and circ-responsibility, a CR consulting company in Germany. GCL’s first success was the cooperation between Grameen and BASF in Bangladesh and in the course of time it has supported many more Social Businesses and spread the idea of Social Business. By getting to know the GCL and its methods to promote and support Social Business around the world, you will find out about the development of Social Business in recent years and how it became a success story.

Lecture 4: Microfinance and Cooperative Societies

Dr. Florian Grohs, Managing Director of Oikocredit Germany

Friday, 06:00pm – 07:00pm

WiWi HS 7

In this lecture Dr. Grohs will present the work of Oikocredit in the field of microfinance and will provide information about how cooperative societies work. What is their relation to Social Business? What opportunities do they provide and which challenges do they have to face? These questions will be answered by Dr. Grohs giving specific examples and sharing with you his experience in the field.

Lecture 5: Development Policy – An introduction

Günter Nooke, G8-Africa-appointee of chancellor Angela Merkel

Saturday, 09:30am – 10:15am

WiWi HS 7

Günter Nooke gives a first introduction to and an overview of what exactly development policy is. You will get to know which ways of approaching this kind of cooperation exist, and how it has evolved and changed in recent years from “development aid” to “development cooperation”. Furthermore, he will point out how national development policy is embedded in the development cooperation system of the European Union.

Lecture 6: Measurability and efficiency of microfinance

Prof. Dr. Eva Terberger, Professor for Business Economics, Mannheim University

Saturday, 05:45pm – 06:30pm


“How efficient is Microfinance?” is one of the main questions Eva Terberger is dealing with. She will talk about the measurability of instruments in the field of Microfinance/ development policy and the importance of efficiency when it comes to public opinion as well as political and economic appreciation. Her lecture will thus be building a bridge between the content already discussed in the precedent days and the future prospects of Social Business and Microfinance which will be discussed in a panel discussion on Sunday.

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