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Thank you for sharing your knowledge and competence in the field of development policy



The Arbeitskreis Entwicklungspolitik (development policy work group) was founded in the spring

term of 2009 and has since held regular weekly meetings. Among the participants are students, lecturers and professors, with an interest in various theories and projects related to development policy. The weekly meetings are carried out interactively with discussions, short lectures, and an exchange of experiences, e.g. about internships at NGO’s ( GIZ, ASA, KfW and others). The lectures are held by both lecturers and students, who are thereby given the opportunity to present their Bachelor- and Mastertheses or their doctorates to a small group of people and analyze it collectively. As the conference is perfectly suited to the thematics of EPO it is a good opportunity for active group members to put their knowledge into practice, supporting AEGEE as a main partner of the organization.




Logo of INSTEAD e.V.

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Instead e.V. is a consultancy managed by students from the University of Passau. We combine theoretical knowledge gained at the university with professional project work. In 20 years we have successfully managed more than 140 projects. INSTEAD offers a wide range of services, focusing on:


• Market and competition analysis

• Marketing strategies

• Personnel management

• Process optimization

• Strategy concepts

Our clients benefit from our interdisciplinary project teams. The 50 members of INSTEAD have a variety of educational backgrounds, including business administration, computer science, law, and cultural business. This is where our strengths lie. We believe that only those who consider a problem from multiple perspectives will find the best solution.



Fair Trade Group “FAIRgnügt”

Thank you for a fair and delicious catering

The university group “FAIRgnügt” organizes weekly meetings, araising the issue of Fair Trade, which we see as a positive contribution to humane globalization. During our meetings we discuss different aspects of Fair Trade and at the same time we plan common actions such as information meetings, the sale of fair trade products, and educational work in schools. We are glad to contribute to the Social Business Conference, for example, with the organization of a “fair breakfast”.




Thank you for your cooperation

Impetus, founded by a group of students in Mainz, is a group aiming to raise awareness of today’s challenges and world problems and to discuss sustainable ways of solving them. The group, composed of students from different fields of study, organizes thematic evenings where they address topics such as climate change, lack of resources, human rights, and regional conflicts. By now, the Impetus-group has developed numerous personal contacts and connections in Germany and abroad. Impetus is supporting AEGEE-Passau with the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the conference.


Thanks to our Design Specialist

Melani Becker

  • long-lasting design of print- & web-products
  • production of printing products in a resource-friendly way
  • corporate design
  • web-design
  • logos, signets, websites, brochures, flyers, folders, catalogues, books,
  • posters,  advertisements, packaging and much more.

I love to get involved with new people and their projects. What I particularly enjoy is the creative process, translating the newly gained information and insight into a visual language. Especially in the field of logo-design, certain characteristics are reduced to a distinctive identity which is transmitted very quickly to the observer.

My motto:

To find a visual appearance that matches with a company’s inner picture, so that it is able to act authentically and present itself in a credible way.

KSG – Catholic Student Community
Thank you for rooms and support

We thank the Catholic Student Community for providing rooms for our meetings and conference sessions as well as for their general help and advice.


Thank you for your support!

We thank the photographers of the “Lichtgestalten” for their photography of our event.


University of Passau

We thank the University of Passau for the cooperation and for providing rooms

Last but not least we thank the university directorate for guaranteeing us their patronage and for making it possible to use our beautiful campus as location for the One World Convention on social business. We truly appreciate this.

For more information on the university have a look at the category University of  Passau on this website or visit:


International partners

We thank all our international partners for their kind cooperation

  • AEGEE -Budapest

AEGEE-Budapest is a volunteer youth NGO (member o f the umbrella of AEGEE-Europe, European Students’ Forum) which counts almost 350 members. Our aim is to open up the world for youth, show them the opportunity what Europe and an international organization can offer, encourage travelling and mobility among them, stimulate discussion and organise common projects. We attempt to overcome national, cultural and ethnic divisions and to create a vision of young people’s Europe. Our members have the possibility to create, take challenges, develop themselves, to gain besides theoretical knowledge, practical skills which they can expend in their life.

  • AEGEE-Utrecht

AEGEE- Utrecht is a Dutch local within the network of AEGEE-Europe. It is one of the biggest locals from the AEGEE network. Every year AEGEE-Utrecht organizes a congress, a Summer University (a holiday in Utrecht with a strong focus on culture), an exchange and besides these international oriented events we organize local events such as hitchhiking competitions, parties, journeys to other European cities and trainings, of which some are focused on the AEGEE-Utrecht members while others are also meant for members of AEGEE-locals in the region.

  • Asocitia Odaia Creativa

Asociaţia Odaia Creativă is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation which aims at supporting creative economy, promoting cultural education and the respect towards cultural heritage.

Founded in June 2010, the Association aims to:

1)    Support creative economy projects

2)    Promote educational initiatives in sustainable urban development, the protection and use of cultural and natural heritage.

3)    Develop and adapt new financial instruments, which can ensure the sustainability of the cultural sector.

  • MIJARC-Europe

MIJARC Europe is a non-governmental organisation for rural youth, by rural youth. We promote sustainable agricultural, rural and international development, European citizenship, youth policies, gender equality, environmental protection, interculturality and human rights. Considering the Christian values, we strive to implement and raise awareness about these issues and goals by facilitating inter-cultural exchanges, camps, seminars and non-formal learning opportunities in a sustainable and culturally sensitive manner. Employing our methodology of ‘see-judge-act’, we encourage the participation of young people to build the Europe of tomorrow.


  • AEGEE-Praha

AEGEE-Praha was established in 1991 as a first local antenna of AEGEE in Czech Rerpublic and currently has 140 members. We have implemented a great number of successful conferences and other events. Among the upcoming events for 2011 are a summer university, a network meeting and our 20th anniversary.

  • YMDRAB    

“Youth movement for development of the rural areas in Bulgaria” (YMDRAB) is a non-profit organization, with headquarters and address of management in the town of Botevgrad.
The main areas of activities are protecting the rights of young people, support the social development of youth, development and implementation of strategies, programs and projects for rural development, collection, processing and analyzing data on the status and perspective development of rural areas, informational – consulting activity among youth on law-making in Bulgaria and clarifying the rights and obligations of citizens, support of young talents and disadvantaged youth, advocacy of youth and others.

  • AEGEE-Riga

AEGEE Riga was founded in 2001 and has a growing number of members. At the moment there are more than 60 members from different universities in Latvia. The home of the organization is the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. We have many strong traditions: AEGEE Riga chocolate cake, AEGEE Riga dance, survival game, sauna party, specific jokes, pub-crawling, energizers & gossips… We have organized wide variety of events – SUs, WUs, EDL, NWM, conferences & seminars, local training courses, information campaigns, exchanges and this year we hosted EBM (One of 3 statutory meetings AEGEE has for each year).  We love to take challenge and do something new.

  • Youropia

  • Kasim Andolu Lisesiler Youth Club

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