AEGEE-Passau e.V.

(Passau, summer 2010)


AEGEE Passau e.V.

(registered association) was founded in 1990, thus, last year we celebrated our 20th anniversary. By now, our number of participants has grown to more than 120. The local board consists of 7 members, who run the organization on their own and who prepare our weekly meetings. Among our local activities are the coordination and implementation of numerous programs for the incoming international students, such as an orientation week, trips, and a language exchange programme. Moreover, we regularly organize local training courses for new members. On the European level, AEGEE Passau successfully organized its first Summer University, which took place in 2010. The upcoming conference serves as another example of our enthusiasm and our international orientation.





(Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l’Europe) is the biggest students’ association in Europe, promoting European mobility, communication, and integration among young people in Europe. It is a non-governmental, politically-independent non-profit organisation, open to both students and young professionals. AEGEE aims to create active young Europeans who are working together on cross-border activities such as conferences, training courses, and Summer Universities. Today it has approximately 15,000 members, active in more than 240 cities in 43 countries.

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