The team

19 students from Passau with various majors realize the One World Convention on Social Business.
Every single one brings in his or her talents and knowledge in order to implement the conference. Divided into a PR-group, a FR-group, a group that is searching for speakers and one group organizing all the rooms and social program, we have been working since October 2010 to come closer to our goal.

Before we could go into details, the whole concept of the conference and and the main funding had to be organized. This is mainly the credit of Frida Korte and Elisa Reinheimer. Due to their convincing concept and the good application, the conference is supported by the European Union’s “Youth in Action”- program.

We would like to present you some of our wonderful and highly motivated team members:

My name is Friederike Korte and I am the Project manager of the  One World Convention on Social Business.
Muhammad Yunus principles and his believe in the youth inspired me to organize this event and I am grateful to have found a wonderful team that put so much energy into it´s implementation. At  the convention I wish everybody to feel the changing power that lies in Social Business. I wish you and me to be part of a generation that uses business to solve social problems.

My name is Elisa Rheinheimer, I’m doing „European Studies“ in Passau and am currently on an exchange-year in Italy. Whoever I tell about Social Business looks at me in a helpless way, some of them having heard the name Muhammad Yunus before, some not. I hope with our Conference we can help spreading the knowledge of different forms of business, of innovation, and the meaning of trust. Organizing this event has been a huge project for us and many people don’t seem to understand “what this is all for”. However: It has been a whole lot of fun, it has been a source of enrichment and learning – and I hope that our participants will feel the same about the Convention. In the fall of 2009, Muhammad Yunus gave a speech in Passau that was the impetus for our team to organize this event. My wish for you is that you will leave this Conference with the same feeling I experienced when I left Yunus’s speech: Sensing the endless opportunities that lie ahead of us, looking at the future in an optimistic way, and feeling the strength to change the world! Let’s start today!

I am Marielle Ratter and I am studying European Studies. I love organising this event because so many different people have come together to plan it – and as a team we are able to realise it. I hope that our conference will make people feel the same: that they are able to achieve things and change something in the world – even if it is just a small thing.

I am Carolin Holtkamp and I am studying International Cultural and Business Studies. For the future I wish that everyone can find real satisfaction and happiness and for now I wish you great fun and a valuable time at OWC in Passau.

My name is Swantje Heiser and I am studying International Cultural and Business. Having occupied myself for already a long time with the question how business can be made fairer as well as with the new coming idea of Social Business, I decided to take part in organizing this very important conference event in order to help to enable spreading the discussion about a more righteous economy world system.

Lisa Valentina Riedel, European Studies im 3. Semester, Historical Cultural Sciences 1. Semester:

I support this event because I enjoy being a part of enthusiastic students who want to open people’s minds to new ways of thinking. I also like to organize different events, to achieve consolidated knowledge and to get to know new people from all over the world – this conference seems to be the right place to combine all three things!

Corinna SchmirlerI am Corinna Schmirler and I am studying International Cultural and Business Studies. I am taking part in the organization of the conference, because it is amazing to spread the knowledge about Social Business and at the same time support the growth of new Social Businesses. In this way, I hope that the world becomes more fair.

My name is Kyra Yasmin Mair and I am studying B.A. European Studies in Passau. My motivation for this conference is that I want to organize and achieve something big and great in a team, as well as to promote alternative mindsets. My wish for this conference is that more people get out of their usual way of thinking and usual habits of today’s life in order to change our world into a better and fairer place to live in.

My name is Andrea Absenger, and I am studying B.A. Governance and Public Policy. The topic of Social Business fascinates me, because the main objectives are not to make the most profit or to achieve the highest growth rates of a firm, but the active shaping and transformation of a society from the bottom. My wish for the conference is that through this the global economy and politics get socially and ecologically sustainable.

My name is Isa and I am studying International Cultural and Business Studies (4th semester). Having been member of AEGEE-Passau ever since I came here, I am very happy to contribute to the organization of our conference.
I think that in our world, we need more awareness among young people about existing unequality- people who don’t primarily think of themselves but support common goals in order to make a better living possible for everyone. Supporting and starting social businesses as well as spreading the idea is a big step in the “right direction”.

My name is Sarah Oßwald, I am studying B.A. European Studies in the 4th semester. In my opinion, we often think, that the things we do, serve to nothing, but at the end it is important that we have done them. So let´s work together for a better world!  I hope that the conference will show the people that there´s also an alternative to our economic system.

My name is Johanna Kleinhans and I’m studying B.A. European Studies. Having been a member of AEGEE since the very beginning of my studies has brought me together with some very motivated and idealistic people – those who are today the team-members of OWC. Their enthusiasm “infected” me and so I joined the team. The aim of our conference is to spread the idea of Social Business and so I hope it will inspire as many people as possible and make them aware that there is always an alternative to the usual way.

My name is Kathrin Schlechta and I’m a member of our conference’s PR team. In Passau I study Intenational Cultural and Business Studies with a focus on Southeast Asia. I joined AEGEE Passau in 2008 and I love to support this event especially because of the interesting topic. Social Business becomes more and more important and we should use the possibility to gather as much information as possible to ensure a better future.

I join the conference because i think social bussines helpes to make our world a little bit better.

My name is Leopold Schiele and I am studying B.A. Business Administration and Economics at the University of Passau. The approach of Social Business has piqued my interest because it offers new ways of thinking but faces the economic reality as well. In my opinion, one should never forget to think outside the box every now and then and break new ground – just like the idea of Social Business does.

During the OWC I hope to get a lot of new inspiration and food for thought from the lecturers as well as from our participants.

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