Bangladesh: An overview of issues surrounding Grameen Bank & Prof. Yunus is available online

Jun 26 2011

  • As you know on May 12, Prof. Yunus announced his resignation from his post as Managing Director of the Grameen Bank and handed the position to Deputy Managing Director Nurjahan Begum while the Board conducts a search for a permanent replacement.
  • Prof. Yunus underlined the importance of keeping the Grameen Bank independent in a letter to his colleagues at the Bank, as well as a letter to the Bank’s 8.3 million borrower-owners.
  • Prof. Yunus has worked tirelessly to create other independent social businesses, which promote sustainable social impact. These include Grameen Telecom, a Bangladeshi mobile telephone provider, and Grameen Danone, which offers affordable yoghurt as nutritional supplement to Bangladesh’s poorest communities. It now seems as if the government is trying take control of these enterprises as well as the bank.
  • Many events have taken place in the last months regarding these issues. In order to get an overview of the recent happenings concerning Prof. Yunus and the Grameen Bank have a look at the summary here
  • If you want to support, you can do any of the following:
    • Join the Facebook groups: Support Yunus (7,127 members) and Unite for Yunus (5,715 members)
    • Post tweets on Twitter
    • Write Op-Eds for your local newspaper
    • Rally Bangladeshi expat communities in your country
    • Get in touch with influential friends to raise awareness

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