19th – 22nd of May, 2011 in Passau, Germany

Social Business and Development


In the end of 2009 Muhammad Yunus, the major founder of the new business model and Nobel Prize Winner, gave a very inspiring speech in our little town Passau on how to implement Social Business in this world – asking one simple question:


“How is it possible to make the economy fairer for everyone?”

According to Yunus every human being possesses the abilities and especially the creativity to take care of oneself – all we need is to live in the right circumstances to be able to awaken our true potential.

These circumstances require a new economic system – a system built on different values, measuring its success by service for society as opposed to profit.

At the convention we want to discuss this promising new business model and in doing so, become active members of a movement which creates and spreads new ideas of Social Business over the world.


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